Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Test makeup Miramy Adnan ( Homemade By Luna) -18 July 2010

Last sunday i berkampung di rumah miramy adnan yg juge merupakan pengusaha blog homemade chocolate (Homemade By Luna) which happens to be my schoolmate in TIKL long2 time ago..She request for test makeup for her engagement.Yg bestnyer bile dh schoolmate,test makeup session jd riuh mcm main2 mekap sonok.. alot of point for me to take note, no eyeliner tebal2, request of more shading..n alot more..don wori amy,everything jotted down..i'll do post mortem n homework for this session..i'll do my best on ur e day n u can put trust on me..

Test makeup Hawa (sunway damansara)- 30 june 2010

Tugas saya utk test mekap hawa from sunway damansara berjalan lancar tempoh hari,alhamdulillah..She's cute and gorgeous isn't she?...if i'm not mistaken, she's a mother to two kids..soon will be three..hehe..I need to learn from her how to retain the 'keremajaan'..hikhik..She and her sisters would like to be makeup for her brother's wedding on this upcoming 23 rd July (lusa)..gamba2 dr koleksi saya br saya sempat upload di kala jadual yang padat..sory..huhu..I loved this session so much bcoz i've been treated as part of their family..Thanx to her mum, Prof Madya Siti Hajar Mohd Yasin for the invi card..Besar tapak tgn nyiru saya tadahkan..I hope to do my best for the upcoming event..

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm back!!!!

I'm back with some collection from london.....

Dari Paris, sy x lepaskn peluang ke london utk shopping, n this is some intresting n beautiful stuff(not available in m'sia)  i'm able to grabbed..

Body shop brushes fly from london..

Intrested to be make up with those new n feshly grabbed from london..

Call 0172687187 for booking or email at

Awaiting ur bookings..

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Off to paris and london--------away from home

Hai everyone,i'll be away from malaysia until 14 th July. I'll not be able to attend email or call during that period.sory for the inconvinience.. i come..hehe