Friday, June 18, 2010

LOUIS VUITTON PREORDER!!!!!!!!!! book before tooooo late..

Gud news for anyone yg mmg dh lame ngidam nk melaram dgn LV or tercri2 brg hantaran..!

We're having a preorder for LV bags and wallets.
Jgn lepas peluang utk save RM. It'll be a lot cheaper as we will be buying the bags from LV, France.
Produk adalah 100% authentic..comes with LV dust bag.

Berikut is the model and harga kami utk comparison.

Model /harge kami

Neverfull MM RM2,200 ( price in KL RM2,700)
Speedy 30 RM2,200 (price in KL RM2,700)
Galliera PM RM4,100 (price in KL RM5,050
Artsy MM RM4,400 (price in KL RM5,500)
Palermo PM RM3,500 (price in KL RM4,300)
Hamstead PM RM 3,350 (price in KL RM4,150)
Galliera GM RM4,800 (price in KL RM5,800)
Hamstead MM RM4,000 (price in KL RM5,100)
Tivoli PM RM3,250 (price in KL RM4,000)

Galliera PM..menawan kn?

Sppedy 30..can't take my eyes from it..

Neverfull GM..stylo!

How To Order

1. Surf Louis Vuitton Website (pilih France or Italy as the country to view the models available)
2. E-mail saya the name of item, size, product ID of the bag you want and saya akan reply dgn quatation.

Terms & Conditions

1. 50% of the purchase price will be required as a booking fee/down payment.
2. Once an item has been booked, no requests for changes or cancellations will be entertained.
3.Looking for strictly serious buyers..

Booking deadline - 1July 2010, 12 midnight
Product Arrival - 13 July 2010

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