Saturday, June 5, 2010

My precious make up collection

Authentic MAC eye shadows and blushers

Authentic MAC pigments (i bought from madam hana.i really like the colours..=))

 Authentic kryolan foundation and loose powder

My brushes and tools

This entry for my customers yg ingin tahu or yg rase was2 dgn produk yg sy akn guna. My make up powered only by kryolan and MAC....strictly AUTHENTIC.Sy sorang yg cerewet dlm memilh source pembelian make up sy coz i want the best for my customers.U can trust me and my make up collection. In my opinion,the stage to remove make up is also important to reserve the skin condition. Kadang2 kulit muke jd berjerawat pas make up, coz the make up x diremove dgn cara n medium yg btul..n of course sometimes fake make up will cause those things.In my case, customers dont have to worry coz i used only Authentic make up.

For bookings or trial make up, can contact me 017-2687187 or email me at

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